The aim of education is to grow a child into a capable adult who can live a life full of substance. Rapid changes in technology have impacted all walks of life.

We need an education system which is flexible enough to adapt to rapid changes brought upon by the technologies of the 21st century yet robust enough to build good character, develop interpersonal skills, enhance creativity and inculcate scientific temper.

We believe that everyone should have access to good education. We want to promote open curriculum and universal access to educational resources. Our ambition is to push for open educational resources (OER) and transmedia education in a big way to achieve this goal.

We believe that in future the world will have less jobs and more entrepreneurship opportunities. Thus we want to promote maker education in India in a big way. Currently STEM education and STEAM education based resources are available only to kids in elite schools. We want to take these to kids all over the country.