Build for India

Paytm – Build for India is an initiative to promote innovation in India from every walk of life. India with its vast and diverse population faces some very unique challenges.

These challenges are better understood and answered by people who have faced them. We help such people and enable them with technology and mentoring to build solutions and make them universally available. We want to promote a culture of building, sharing and learning using technology and design. We aim to promote entrepreneurship in the country and become a catalyst for the rapid development of startup ecosystem.

Entrepreneurship in India is quite challenging but there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs. With a population in excess of 1 billion it is impossible for the government to provide for all the needs of all the citizens and therein lies the opportunity for entrepreneurs and innovators. India has an immense potential to innovate, raise startups and create jobs for the benefit of the nation and the world.

We aim to promote entrepreneurship by mentoring, nurturing and facilitating individuals. With a 360 degree approach, the initiative provides comprehensive learning, research and helps in creating a strong network of academia and industry bodies.